Your Vitalpina hotel near Merano

As member of the Vitalpina Hotel association, the Zirmerhof strives to offer an authentic South Tyrolean experience with a perfect combination of outdoor activities and relaxation opportunities in the delightful Alpine-Mediterranean backdrop of Merano/Meran.

The Vitalpina philosophy rests on three cornerstone principles:

  • Active holidays
  • Healthy nutrition
  • Allround wellness
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Active holidays at a Vitalpina Hotel

The Vitalpina experience focuses on physical exercise as a cornerstone of well-being. Being at one with nature improves our life quality; experiences like a lengthy hike or a mountain climb may involve some effort, but they reward us with inner peace and new balance.

The Zirmerhof hotel’s weekly programme includes three weekly hikes guided by qualified professionals who will be at your side with competent advice. Our hiking programme also includes shuttle service and equipment rental,as well as an info point where you can find hiking maps, tips and all the information you may need about the routes in the area.

Take a look at our offers for hikers and cyclists!

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Good for the palate, good for the body

A wholesome, health-conscious diet is essential to ensure long-term vitality and well-being. The Vitalpina hotels rely on seasonal and locally-sourced ingredients of premium-quality. Our kitchen team serves traditional South Tyrolean specialities as well as Mediterranean dishes, all prepared in such a way that they are as light and healthy as they are delicious.

A healthy lifestyle is deeply connected to a sound food culture. At Vitalpina Hotel Zirmerhof, you will reap the benefits of balanced menus prepared with fresh, genuine South Tyrolean produce. Vegetarian alternatives are naturally also on the menu, and we offer options to cater for any dietary needs.

We will be happy to recommend the perfect wine accompaniment to crown your culinary experience with fine South Tyrolean bottles.

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Wellness holidays in South Tyrol

A comprehensive wellness programme comprising a range of spa treatments is also part of the Vitalpina experience we offer you at the Zirmerhof. All our treatments are administered with quality cosmetic products made from South Tyrolean natural ingredients like apples, juniper or mountain hay.

Our team is always on hand to provide useful tips and information about health, natural lifestyles and how to improve your well-being. The wellness area with saunas and pools is always at your disposal during the summer months and also open to residence guests.


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The Vitalpina Breathe programme

Breathe in, breathe out… take your time. Caught in the daily rat race, it is not always easy to make time for awareness, which makes it all the more important to take a break and breathe consciously. At the Zirmerhof, we will help you do just that with the Vitalpina Breathe programme.

We will be teaching you a series of targeted breathing and relaxation exercises to increase your vitality and promote a state of complete well-being. These breathing techniques have a positive impact on the body and mind, helping you relax and improving your performance and quality of life!

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Yes, the climate also goes on holiday with us… Here, in one of the 32 Vitalpina Hotels, which recently became the first hotel cooperation ever to join the Climate Neutrality Alliance: zero emissions, for a carefree holiday with a clear conscience.

We at the Vitalpina Hotels have decided as one to join the Climate Neutrality Alliance in 2021. We are therefore the first hotel cooperative venture to commit to a calculation of its own carbon footprint and thus to become as climate-neutral as possible.

Various factors will be taken into account, such as the consumption of detergents in our laundries, the number of our service vehicles and the distances they drive, our water and electricity consumption and the number of overnight stays and meals provided to our guests and staff. The result will provide us with an exact figure in tonnes of the CO2 emissions produced by ourselves and our guests.

The three-year climate neutrality plan provides for set-off measures that will be invested in the climate projects of the Swiss non-profit foundation “myclimate” for the benefit of drinking water treatment in Uganda, communal reforestation in Nicaragua and mangrove afforestation and women’s rights in Myanmar.

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