The Zirmerhof treatments and massages

For a perfect spa holiday in South Tyrol

Regenerate your body and mind at the Zirmerhof with a wide choice of spa treatments and massages – the perfect way to soothe sore muscles after an intense day outdoors and recharge for your next holiday adventures.

Our masseuse is available every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:00 p.m.

You can book your treatments on arrival or in advance when you book your room or apartment.

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Interesting facts

Juniper (Fructus Juniperus communis and Juniperus nana)
Living up to 2,000 years of age, the juniper is a symbol of longevity and has been used by shamans and folk healers for centuries as it was believed to have apotropaic properties. Juniper berries take as long as three years to fully mature.

Nowadays, juniper has a number of uses:

  • in the kitchen, for smoking bacon, sausages and meat
  • at the bar, as an ingredient of schnapps and spirits
  • in skincare products, for its cosmetic properties

Effects of juniper extracts:

  • it stimulates metabolism and digestion
  • it detoxifies the kidneys and drains excess fluids
  • it has disinfectant properties when used as incense
  • as a nerve tonic, it promotes mental clarity
  • used during a massage, it strengthens blood vessels

Not only are apples delicious fruits, they also contain precious nutrients:

  • Important source of pectin, an apple contains 13 different vitamins
  • More than 20 minerals and trace elements
  • Phytonutrients with healthpromoting effects
  • Various sugars like glucose, fructose and sucrose
  • Numerous fibres (decongestive effect on the kidneys)
  • Apple citric acid (cellprotecting and regenerating effects)

Mountain hay from the Passiria valley
The organic hay for our treatments grows on the alpine meadows of the Passiria valley and contains more than 100 different blossoms and herbs which release their wholesome effects in combination with heat or essential oils.

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Non-binding request
Information regarding COVID-19
  • Reopening of our hotel after the winterbreak at 01/04/2023
  • In our small hotel we accommodate only a small number of guests
  • If you prefer self-catering in these times, book one of our 8 holiday apartments in the Residence with its own kitchenette and refrigerator – here you can enjoy your holiday all to yourself. If you wish, we will even bring a breakfast basket directly to your holiday apartment.
  • Recreation is nowhere as easy as here in South Tyrol! During our guided hikes in the boundless nature and in the mountains, you can enjoy your holiday far away from full cities.
  • Book without worries: Due to the current situation, all stays can be cancellation for free up to 60 days before arrival.
  • Further information about the current situation in South Tyrol is available here!

We work at full speed to organise everything for your holiday. If you have any questions, our reception is at your disposal every day by phone or e-mail.
The Ortner family and team

Hotel Zirmerhof