A wellness retreat to unwind and regenerate

Looking for a hotel with thermal suite for your spa break in South Tyrol? Then the Zirmerhof is an ideal choice. With pools, saunas and relaxation areas, our hotel offers all you need for a regenerating holiday away from stress and routine. After an exciting day of outdoor adventures in the mountains, there is nothing better than retreating to a fine spa and pampering yourself with wholesome heat and soothing quietness in a relaxing atmosphere.

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Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.

Jim Rohn

Indoor wellness facilities

Our indoor spa facilities include several saunas, experience showers, relaxation rooms and a heated pool:

due to the prevaling circumstances this area is open - considering the secutity considerations of Covid_19 

  • Natural stone steam bath
  • Stone pine Tyrolean sauna
  • Infrared cabin
  • Kneipp basin
  • Hay bath
  • Indoor pool (29°C)
  • Experience showers
  • Relaxation rooms with swinging loungers
  • Spa bar with fruit, teas and fresh spring water
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Outdoor wellness facilities

During the fair season, do not miss the chance to visit our outdoor wellness area. Soak up the fantastic view as you bask in the sun, have a healthy sauna session or enjoy a refreshing dip:

  • Outdoor pool
  • Outdoor sauna cabin with panoramic view of Mt. Ivigna/Ifingerspitze
  • Panoramic terrace with loungers
  • Barefoot Kneipp trail
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Sauna tips for a perfect wellness experience

Sauna is healthy and regular sessions can do much to improve our general well-being. However, it may be contraindicated in some cases, and it is always good to follow some simple rules to ensure maximum benefits. We recommend seeking medical advice before visiting a sauna if you suffer from serious health conditions.

If you are not a sauna regular, here are a few tips to help you make the most of the experience:

  • Take a long, warm shower before every sauna session to open up the pores and facilitate sweating. After showering, it is important to dry off thoroughly as dry skin sweats faster.
  • Decide the duration of your sauna session based on your needs. However, we recommend not exceeding 15 minutes and paying attention to your body’s signals rather than the watch. During the last two minutes, you should sit in an upright position to gradually restore normal circulation. Generally speaking, three sauna sessions are enough to guarantee health benefits, but you are welcome to visit the sauna more often if you so wish.
  • Take your time! Our wellness area and the saunas in particular are places devoted to relaxation. The more you take regular sauna sessions, the more your body gets used to high temperatures.
  • During your sauna session, please place a towel under your body to prevent sweat from coming into contact with the wood. There are plenty of towels at your disposal in the spa area. Sit on the middle or upper benches to maximise effects.
  • Take off any jewellery before entering the sauna. Metal may easily heat up and cause burns.
  • After each sauna session, take a shower and step outside to cool off in the fresh air. This is important to help your body restore its optimal temperature and it also helps improve circulation. As already mentioned, we recommend drying up thoroughly. When showering, start from the limbs and gradually work your way towards the centre of your body.
  • We recommend following each sauna session with a refreshing footbath or a Kneipp footbath.
  • After each sauna session, take time to relax. Wrap up in a soft blanket and sit back in one of our relaxation rooms.
  • Avoid exercising immediately after a sauna session. To maximise its relaxing effects, follow the sauna with a massage.


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